Web hosting

With ISV GATE's Web hosting, you get all the basic functions you need to create a functioning page. The domain is located on a Windows 2016 server and use out of the latest IIS'en. allowing you to create dynamic pages with ASP / ASP.NET linked to an Access Database.

With our Web hosting you also get access to your own CGI directory. Our control panel gives you full configuration option for IIS, MS SQL 2016, FTP, etc.

Windows .NET or Linux LAMP

You choose whether your customer should be consistent on a Windows server and use out of IIS with support for .NET 2.0 or 4.0 with support for Dot Net Nuke or Umbraco.

Or if the customer shall be on a so-called LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) to using "One Click Install" to install WordPress or Drupal