FTP Hosting

By implementing FTP in business, you can efficiently manage transcription services and increase the speed of business process by maintaining the necessary safety requirements.


Other than transferring large files from one computer to another through FTP site, you can also send e-mails with large attachments. Some common features - send email with attachment to several people (clients and transcriptionists).


FTP service works like magic for people who are using slow dial-up connections. They can efficiently download large files from the FTP site, regardless of calling up speed. FTP hosting services comes with a web based interface where you can manage all FTP accounts in your business process. You must provide separate FTP user name and password to each client to upload or download files from FTP server.


Through this client will never view the transcribed documents are loaded in the FTP site for other customers.


Obviously there for encrypted FTP (SFTP) to your own SSL certificates