Application server

Application server or also known as dedicated server gives you full control over which applications to install on the server. You can choose to hire Windows Server with Exchange 2016 installed as a dedicated mail server for your customer.

When you rent a dedicated server control yourselves what operating systems, programs and applications to be installed on it.

You get access to the number of IP addresses that you need and the server is behind our firewall.

The service can be delivered as a "regular" dedicated server or as a managed server, where we handle operations and updates, etc. Out server.

You always get access to remote managment board (ILO) through VPN, which means that you get full access to your server.

By logging on to the ILO card, you will access the server at the BIOS level and are able to map up your local DVD or ISO file to reinstall the operating system.

You can also restart your server, we softboot, hard boot, or reset everything just as if you stood in front of the server.