Many companies and organizations have a great need for secure communications. The challenges that many face is that they do not know where their data is stored and then feel a great uncertainty about it. In the wave out all Embargoed scandals and that many suppliers fallen under law other than Swedish law, many felt a great insecurity to hand over all or parts out of their IT environment.
We noticed a large demand for various Office 365 Bundles, but that there has been great uncertainty around how data is managed and, above all where it is stored, we have chosen to create an Office 365 package that ensures your customer that all data and information stored in Sweden and never leave the borders of Sweden.
The different Bundles always contain the latest version out of Office , Hosted Exchange 2016, Hosted SharePoint 2016, Hosted CRM 2015, Online backup and a web hosting package with a MS SQL database.

The major benefits of Office 365 is is that the IT environment gathered in one place .There is a single login to email , collaborative workspace ( Sharepoint ) , CRM, and Office Online .


All services and all data is stored in Swedish data center.

All services are encrypted with 256 bit encryption, which ensures that all communication between you and your service is encrypted. Our servers are surrounded by full security around the clock, which includes safety barriers, around the clock monitoring of staff on site, CCTV video surveillance and security alarms. In case of fire, there is a system to detect smoke at an early stage (VESDA) installed. The system is connected to a gas-based, environmentally friendly fire extinguishers to extinguish any fires immediately without damaging our equipment.


Regarding energy, our server park a stable and reliable energy supply with high capacity, redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS), redundant diesel generators as backup. To ensure maximum performance keeps all data floors a constant temperature of 21 ± 2 degrees and the relative humidity is kept at 50 ± 10 per cent. Both are continuously monitored by the building management system. We have redundant Internet connections, cooling, electricity and diesel generators. The computer rooms omffatas from the following certifications Security management ISO27001: 2005 Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management Systems. ISO 14001

High availability

We apply the so-called " Geo Clustering " geographic fault tolerance. All data is always replicated between the primary and secondary site .And that all data is replicated to a third data center for so-called " offsite backup " .It reduces the risk of downtime is extremely small .DNS servers and PowerEdge servers are placed in four different locations with four different ISP. 

Worry free it

The fact that you hire an IT environment as a service, we take all responsibility about the availability (SLA), security updates (patch management), safety copy (backup). It allows you to focus on your core business and get a smooth operation out of your IT environment

Grow dynamically

Another big advantage is that you see how all of these services per month per user basis. You can thus grow up or down monthly. And avoid thinking about complicated licensing models and notice periods.

Always the latest version out software

When you rent IT as a service gives our customers always have access to the latest software. Will a new version out of office, you have automatically entitled to it and must always upgrade kostandsfritt. If there is a new version out of the server software such as out of Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint, we will install and free to move (migrate) of you as a customer