Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

In Nordic data center 

Today it is important to find an email and communications solution that improves the high efficiency, cost effective and creates good business results. With Hosted Exchange 2019, you can easily provide your customers with this.


ISV Hosted Exchange is a flexible, secure and reliable.

Your customers have secure and constant access to all communications such as e-mail, voice mail and instant messages with the same functionality as Microsoft Office Outlook and with technologies such as Push Mail and ActiveSync enabled it wherever your customers are. Of course, with daily back-up and protection against spam and viruses, and with AutoDiscover configuration is easy for anyone, all it takes is a username and password.

ISV Hosted Exchange Server 2019 makes it much easier to protect your company's communications and e-mail by the central functions of information control capabilities and other enhanced security and reliability, such as the ability to manage, encrypt and block malicious emails in a more efficient manner.

Together with the customer, you can easily adapt the product so the size of the mailbox and which level it should be on accessibility (MAPI, POP, IMAP or OWA).


Integration with Bing maps

Hosted Exchange bing maps integration

 Send as feature in OWA

Hosted exchange send as från OWA

Support for apps

Hosted Exchange Appar app