High Availability Hosting

High Availability Hosting.

High Availability Hosting is the service of the system-critical applications that absolutely must not be inaccessible.

Load Balancing

When it comes to web applications you use load balancing. Then distributed queries across multiple servers. If a server is not available it is excluded from distribuerings pool. We help you with the installation and configuration out of the web farm with. If applications require encrypted traffic, we should configure SSL load balancing.


If eg MS SQL must be fault-tolerant uses a technique known as active / passive clustering. It requires at least two servers in the cluster, where one server is active and the other is passive. If the active is not available, go passive in and takes over as active. You can have multiple passive servers in the node. It is very favorable licensing terms for which you pay only for the active node.

Geo clustering

When you use out geo clustering as the nodes in the cluster located in geographically diverse locations. This allows for a whole site is inaccessible, there is a site in another location that will take over the active role.