With our Colocation services, you can place your or your clients servers in a secure data center. We will manage and monitor.

Colocation service is available per one Unit, 1/4 rack, half-rack or full rack. 


The datacenters are staffed around the clock and there are always patrolling guardian. Data centers have multiple layers out of security and zones, each of which has its own stock out of safety. From our NOC we monitor the operating status of all infrastructure and services.

Data centers are certified in accordance with the following extensions to ISO standards ISO 27001: 2005 | ISO 9001: 2008 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 for your safety and for your environmental awareness.

VESDA system allows early detection out of smoke. During a fire, a gas that suffocates the fire but does not affect your equipment. 


For each rack there is always an A feed and B feed (A + B). These feeds are connected to separate a fuse box which is connected to separate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to separate diesel generators.

Colling is redundantly via two separate systems, and the temperature is constant at 21 ± 2 degrees and the relative humidity is kept at 50 ± 10 per cent

There are three different Internet suppliers and the supply capacity through various routes into the building.

which Colocation customer, you can of course get your own ISP to your equipment.

It is also possible to rent dark fiber which allows that there is a direct fiber connection between you and your equipment for speeds above 10 GB 


Data halls are optimized to increase energy efficiency and reduce your "carbon footprint".