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Commvault Simpana The Single Platform


Commvault Simpana The Single Platform


Simpana® software was designed from the ground up so that all functions share a single code base and revolutionary, back-end technologies. Below you can see how Simpana software helps protect, manage and access all data across your customers enterprise, ultimately transforming it into valuable business information.

A Single Console

Through a single pane of glass, your customers can view, manage and access all functions and all data and information across their enterprise. Our console is simple, efficient, and comprehensive.


Simpana software delivers embedded, global deduplication at the source or the target and now adds greater scalability and performance with Parallel Deduplication. Source-sided deduplication reduces network traffic from backups by up to 90 percent, while global deduplication policies help reduce total storage footprint by as much as 50 percent. Plus with DASH™ Copy capabilities, tiered storage and off-site copies are faster and more efficient than ever

Backup & Recovery

Recognized as an industry leader, CommVault is redefining enterprise backup to help your customers speed recovery, reduce costs and simplify operations


Simpana OnePass Backup and Archive

Help your customers reduce cost, complexity and risk with converged backup, archiving and reporting. Simpana OnePass™ allows them to solve the massive file and email growth problem with zero footprint archiving and no additional overhead.

Iphone, Ipad, windows Phone and Android apps

CommVault Edge app provides quick access to backup data with the help of a "smart device". The backed up files become available to the end user in the app.

The end user can perform the following actions:

  • Browse Backup Data
  • Download the backup data
  • Share backup data
  • See where backup cliffs located anywhere on a map
  • View the status of pending jobs
  • Upload and back up the phones and tablet device


Commvault Iphone / Ipad backup and restore  Commvault backup report and status      


Legal Hold

Enable your customers to Search and identify relevant Electronically Stored Information (ESI) across both backups and archives, preserving data in all repositories regardless of normal retention policies


CommVault supports several different types out archiving:

Email Archiving for Microsoft Exchange or Domino (Lotus Notes). The end user can retrieve deleted email using a web browser, smartphone app or via an Outlook plugin.

File archiving, archive your files securely with version management and in / check-out. Supports Windows, Unix, Linux Mactintosh and NAS from BlueArc, Isilon, Celerra and NetApp.

SharePoint archiving and Oracle database archiving.

File Sharing

CommVault file sharing ensures that sensitive business information remains secure in accordance with business requirements while increasing end-user collaboration and productivity.


Manage multiple applications and complex infrastructures 

Data from virtual and physical servers, applications (messaging, collaboration, database, ERP), NAS shares, cloud-based infrastructures and mobile devices are all protected and managed, quickly and easily, by Simpana software.

Single platform. Singular Capabilities

Your customers will be able to analyze, backup and recovery, reproduce, archive and search the data and information between their companies and a storage device - from the data center to desktops to laptops and in the cloud. Simpana software enables policy-based automation, while the integrated role-based access ensures safe handling. Built-in alerting and reporting provide operational oversight of data management operations.

Unique Storage intelligence

Simpana IntelliSnap technology integrates with 19 of the industry's top 20 storage arrays to automate the creation of indexed, application-aware hardware snapshot copies of multi-vendor storage environments. As a result, directs the recovery of any snapshot, backup and archive copies, deliver storage-specific reporting, and also manages the hardware-based replication - exponentially accelerating protection and retrieval of data.

Simpana OnePass

With the backup, archival and reporting built into its platform, Simpana OnePass ™ has a unique performing these operations from a single data collection. Plus, by leveraging built-in source side deduplication ensures Simpana software only unique blocks of data transferred over the network and stored on the media.


Simpana ContentStore

All Simpana data is managed in Content Store - a secure, deduplicated virtual repository. Data is automatically stored and structured according to user-defined policies, while a shared, intelligent index catalogs data releases and places in the snapshot, backup and archive copies to find data when the user needs it.


Managed Data är nu en tillgång

Simpana software's unique, singular approach to data management ensures complete insight into data across applications, devices, operating systems and locations. When data is managed by Simpana, you can easily find and available to all users for recovery, reporting, eDiscovery, Compliance and Data Mining.